Forex Megadroid – Its Artificial Intelligence and RCPTA Technology

Since automated trading has led to manual trading, the Forex market has been flooded with all kinds of trading software called Forex robots. Recently, a new Forex robot has sparked the entire Forex market. More and more people are buying it because of its unique features. These features are unique in that they not only protect against many trade risks, but also predict future market changes.
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The forex market is changing rapidly. It is so unpredictable that market conditions can change after a few hours. Other Forex robots are programmed to work in a specific market condition. Some work perfectly in a volatile market, others work in a trend market, others work best in a trend-free market and so on. They fail as soon as their favorable market conditions change. The question is how much software will the user buy to compete in all market conditions?
The solution to this problem is Forex Megadroid. Not only does it work in all market conditions, it can also predict future market changes in the next 2 to 4 hours. This software has unique Reverse Corlated Price and Time Analysis (RCPTA) technology. Experts call it artificial intelligence. Computer experts and programmers know that Artificial Intelligence is a decision-making software. This droid can see the future much further. So, this software can make profitable offers for its users based on its predictions.
Another notable feature of the Forex Robot is its consistency. Other software can make a profit when the Forex market is expanding and can make a loss when the market is trending, as they use the same algorithm in both cases. They work the same way when the market is moving in the opposite direction. We can all understand the result. But RCPTA technology makes Forex Megadroid able to work and make a profit. So by using his “market-adjusting intelligence” he can surely make a profit for his user. This does not mean that the robot does not make any mistakes or losses. It just makes the wrong way out and adjusts so that the same thing doesn’t happen again. It gives an overall profit.
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Users show great performance compared to other software on the market. Its managers say that it can multiply the user’s money 4 times and the record percentage of profits is 95.82%. Unlike other software, it is easy to download and operate. It takes up to 5 minutes to download. It also has the ability to be invisible to the Forex trader who can cause problems in many ways. Brokers may not know that they are using a trading robot.